I worked at a grocery store back in the early 2000’s. Like 2006 or so. At that time, I was a stocker. I spent all day replacing things that I knew would be moved and would never be able to remain neat or orderly. It took me about two years to find peace with that idea.

You want to just be done with something, but you can’t, so you have to make peace with a constant state of rebuilding and repairing. The progress is in the repeating of the cycle.

Fast forward to today. I walked out of my office and it took a full hour and change to talk myself into some form of calm because all I wanted was for someone to admit we had gone as far as we could go and let things be.

This was, of course, not to be.

Instead, I placed a can in the form of a response and the client put the can on the floor, unaccepting, then further asked me to immediately replace the can with a better designed can.

And I can’t.

However, in addition to this, I had the inner drive to leave the shelf full and in order. I wasn’t content with the constant flow of things in two directions. Maybe this is my call, but I confess it doesn’t feel that way all the time. I might not have been listening at the right frequency and that’s been caused by strain.

Have you ever sat down and realized – before acting – that you are acting in frustration/anger/etc and tried to grasp and guide that emotion rather than apologizing after the whirlwind?

Try it. It may take practice, but it’s worthwhile practice.

With that, I open my Amazon package with glee. Yay peripheral devices!

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