Strategic Venting


Today I listened to a friend vent some frustrations related to work. It was a pretty intense list, long with issues. I let him vent for about 30 minutes with little interruption aside questions to clarify.

After that, I asked him:s so what now?

Because that’s the thing, right? We don’t want to walk away from the scene of a good vent, a good meeting, or a good idea without the answer to that question. Especially when we are frustrated; that very frustration might be your call to take a moment and address that what now question.

There’s a few ways to answer that question, but I’ll simplify it to three concepts:

  • Create
  • Refine
  • Destroy

Essentially, make something new, better, or failing those two things, get rid of what isn’t working. As for who should “own” that process, that might be the simplest thing to answer: you.

So here we are at the end of a pretty good idea.

What now?

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  1. It brings me joy to see a new post from you each Thursday. Thank you!

    (And another excellent post.)

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