For me, there is a major difference in my experience with managers and leaders. If you are trying to make a system function with minimal investment, then I’m often a rather exhausting ball of energy to deal with. I think too much, speak up too often, and I need a reason for everything. For… Read more Unmanageable

Fired Up

This week, I got pulled into a meeting with my supervisor that started with a stack of sheets. I expected something to the tune of “this is what these sheets mean” and then the normal discussion, action plan, etc. What I got was so much more than I bargained for. Instead of giving me the… Read more Fired Up

Leadership Starter Pack

To be a leader is to be: Vision for the blind. A voice to the voiceless. A shield to the defenseless. A servant to the people you lead. It’s not that hard and yet, somehow rarely done. So be rare. Start today. We don’t have enough of you.