The Truth Is I

I was in the middle of my third meeting for the day and noticed how very different I sound from how I feel at the time. I exude warmth. Part of that is my nature and part of that is practice because we know people don’t care about people during office hours. It’s like my… Read more The Truth Is I


  For me, there is a major difference in my experience with managers and leaders. If you are trying to make a system function with minimal investment, then I’m often a rather exhausting ball of energy to deal with. I think too much, speak up too often, and I need a reason for everything. For… Read more Unmanageable

Fired Up

This week, I got pulled into a meeting with my supervisor that started with a stack of sheets. I expected something to the tune of “this is what these sheets mean” and then the normal discussion, action plan, etc. What I got was so much more than I bargained for. Instead of giving me the… Read more Fired Up


Over the years, I’ve carried a secret mission to find a mentor of some kind. This has proven very difficult in a time where the most common answer to a question is, “you could probably google that”. The thing is, even though answers are a lot more accessible than they have ever been, there is… Read more Mentorship


This week I went to Washington state, which was a lot further north and west than I originally thought, for a vacation. I arrived at the airport and made my usual record time through security and into the terminal. [Insert all of the normal things that go with flying here.] As we lifted off into… Read more F5