Tag: worklife

  • Mentorship

    Over the years, I’ve carried a secret mission to find a mentor of some kind. This has proven very difficult in a time where the most common answer to a question is, “you could probably google that”. The thing is, even though answers are a lot more accessible than they have ever been, there is […]

  • Do What You Can

    This week has been a rough one and that has come all the way down to work. Some days, I sit here thinking about all the way we’ve come and what’s been both gained and lost in between. I feel helpless when I think about how to get back to “the way things used to […]

  • Soon-To-Be Hero

    Let me start by saying that I’m actually very happy that you want to do your best work and make your mark where you happen to be. I, too, am a person that wants to save the world. In fact, that’s why I’m writing this note for you to read and re-read and pass along […]

  • Liabilities

    Let’s imagine a timeline stretching from November 2008 to May 2016. In that time, a lot happens for a particular guy: NOV 2008: A young man (we’ll call him Sean) is working at a grocery store when he gets contacted by a long-time friend of his. An e-learning company that is new to the US […]

  • Curious Me

    A couple of weeks ago, my supervisor and I were talking about ways I could be useful for things our support team at Paradiselandia will do in the future. His lament was that it was hard to pick only team for me to be a part of. Following that conversation, I thought about what makes […]