The Easy Connection

A couple of days ago, I was talking to Daniel about things related to people and more specifically about connection. This led to us scrolling through his twitter account (which he said he needs to use more) and finding this:

Me being the rebel I am (ha!), I decided that we should respond to this image. The rest of this post will be the play by play and a few additional thoughts.

There’s more that followed, but it took four tweets for this. Four.

We were talking about how silly it is that we don’t take the opportunities social media provides to start and continue conversations and make connections with people and then this. It’s pretty much empirical here.

I’ve said this before and I will for quite some time: these things are not hard, we’re just not doing them. Engagement on social media will only be a buzzword until we pay more than lip service to it.

That said: I’m very much looking forward to this beer.

2 thoughts on “The Easy Connection

  1. You guys are absolutely right that we don’t use the media we created for it’s purposes. I know for me — it’s literally shyness and uncertainty of what is appropriate or expected of me socially under a variety of circumstances.

    I believe that’s what losing touch is all about. It slips away so slowly, we barely recognize… Sad.

  2. I think part of the issue is that we forget that people are a lot like us. We tend to focus on how people are different in the social media world, but we forget that social media is based on the fact that people are very similar and like to connect to others for that reason.

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