The Turn


Some days at work are really frustrating and while I’ve written about that, one thing I haven’t necessarily talked about is what happens as I process things, so I’m going to have that moment.

When I am frustrated, I usually just want quiet to allow my thoughts to process and get lost in the flow of my work. My job rarely affords me that chance which increases my frustration by orders of magnitude. Usually, at the height of this, God Himself sees fit to present me with a way to venture out of my own brain by sending me a person with a problem and a challenge to empathize.

Today, that was a client who just could not understand the implications of some changes she made in our software. She’s been at this for weeks and trying to solve some stuff and all kinds of frustrated. Herein begins the challenge to empathize: I have to see her frustrations as equally important to my own.

I start the journey somewhat reluctantly, but get into asking why. Then another why. Then another. Soon, it’s been an hour and I have forgotten about the last few hours of wanting to strike people with lightning bolts. I’m abuzz with thinking about how I can help this person somehow be a little less frustrated somehow and sometimes that is all you need.

Wouldn’t that be nice? If we could just get so lost in helping someone and trying to see where they are coming from that we stopped being about ourselves?

I imagine it would be great.

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