The Writer and the Liver

I want to start with this statement: I am the person that writes this blog.


Many times, when I read about the reaction of people to blogs, there seems to be some misgivings, even in the era of people being more personable online, that we’re not the people that you see when you read these words.


Allow me to tell you: I am the person that writes all of these words as a person and if this person weren’t in me, I wouldn’t write what or how I write and neither would many people I could recall. Mind you, being open/honest/transparent doesn’t mean saying every single thing about myself all the time, but these thoughts are my real thoughts. I don’t write this blog to form a persona or to hide from anything like that.


I’m writing to be known. I’m writing for hearts. I’m writing what my soul sees.


And hopefully, you will keep reading that.

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