This Christmas

So a couple of days ago, we had the culmination of several weeks of stress for some people: Christmas. There’s a lot I could comment here, but I want to draw attention to how my Christmas went.

The people I enjoy reading now and then suggested not giving or receiving material presents of any kind in favor of giving time or an experience. That’s YMMV material there and I’ll leave that be. I will say that my family has a habit of getting everyone one gift at random out of a list of three or so things they would like to get. If I have the money, I get everything I can. If not, I get the one I think would be the most meaningful.

This year, as I looked at the things I got, I realized that I didn’t really care about what I got. I could recall everything I got with ease as I got three things. On the other hand, my moments were spent in the present moment enjoying the sound of laughter, watching old movies, playing Wii sports, talking to my brother about his newest video project and watching him enjoy a video game he was playing, cooking turkey, talking about what we were thankful for and what we did over the last year, and most of all, watching my mom smile as she enjoyed having her children and grandchildren all in the same house as she was.

Thinking about it, my feelings on time with my family on days like this is different. There was more peace there and more contentment wanting less. Mind you, it’s been like this for years, but it’s more intense this year. My thanksgiving and probably a bit of minimalism this year contributed to those feelings a bit, but I enjoy time with people I love a little more after a year like this.

For those of you that did get xboxes and the like this year, I’m ecstatic for you (and I couldn’t be more serious about that), but as we roll into a new year of unchartered (and probably awesome) territory, remember that the things aren’t the important thing.

Love is.

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