To Podcast or Not to Podcast

While meandering through the buzz of the twitter timeline, I ran into a tweet that read:

 ”A podcast that is current & fresh establishes you or company as an expert in the market.”

My antennae immediately registered the inherent red flag in that statement (read as: I immediately freaked out), so I responded, “not so sure…”

At this point, I received a gracious invitation to comment with my thoughts as to what I disagree with and why. Allow me to suggest that the article be read in its entirety to give context to what I’m about to say: If your company is not already an expert with what they are doing, podcasting will not save or help them.

Messages like this can be dangerous because there is the suggestion of the “silver bullet” — the one magical component that will create an instant utopia in terms of business gains, social gains, personal gains, etc. It’s something that many people would love to have and quite a few believe in to some extent, but there really are none and it’s important that we realize this.

If you want to establish yourself as a market expert, you don’t have to podcast; you have to be awesome at what you do. If you’re already awesome or in the process of being awesome, then podcasting may be a logical next step. Much like having a social media presence, however, if your company is not doing the basics well, then your social media platform devolves from a true voice of expertise to noise among more noise.

Feel free to read the article along with my comment and share your own thoughts. If you do, comment or linkback to this blog.

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