Am I Doing It Wrong?


For me, there is a major difference in my experience with managers and leaders.

If you are trying to make a system function with minimal investment, then I’m often a rather exhausting ball of energy to deal with. I think too much, speak up too often, and I need a reason for everything. For managers, I can be the most frustrating resource to deal with.

For that reason, I’ll do about 10% of what I could; you will only get the amount of greatness out of your workers that you (a) demand and (b) make space for.

On the other hand, there are those leaders. I can count them on one hand and call them by name. They hear my questions, they note my quirks, and they have a vision that those things fit into. They wonder about the other 90% of me and ask about it, then they give me a mission that makes use of that 90% and here’s the kicker: I joyfully give it to them with enthusiasm because they involve me in making that path. I’m a source of energy for them because they genuinely enjoy the perspective.

I’m not just another thing for them to deal with.

That, in the last week, has been quite a rush.


5 thoughts on “Unmanageable

  1. Hey Marquis!!!!!!!!!! I’m so happy to see you. I read a bunch of your tweets about life and work…just read “Unmanageable.” Compassion/Empathy towards you, Bro. I love you and miss you. Was trying to find some way of contacting you to touch base and catch up. Well, send me an email or something and let me know how you are. I still think of you…haven’t forgotten you. I saw the EC…OSP, International Student Society references maybe on a profile page of yours somewhere (LinkedIn???)… Brings back memories. Well, I’ll be checking for your reply. Would love to hear from you. 🙂

  2. Me-Sean!!! ha ha ha… It’s good to hear from you too! Well to answer your question there…I’ve been good…Down here in Crawford County with my Dad at the moment. Just endeavoring to follow The Lord…Taking it one day at a time…seeking to be where He wants me to be and do what He wants me to do. Originally came back down here b/c of my Dad/health issues…but when he started to get back to normal, I asked The Lord what He wanted me to do after that…and…a prophetic Word came a little later…So He said He has given me this place without the constraints of a career job to Worship, to Intercede, and to Press in. (Seasons of Life) So that’s what I endeavor to do, daily…aside from doing stuff around the house…like cooking/cleaning or outside stuff etc. Not what I imagined I would be doing right now, but one thing I have learned is it REALLY is better to stay in The Will of God than to go my own way or to please man. (learned that the hard way…NOT FUN!) The Lord really is The Gladness/Joy of my life…It’s like regardless of what’s going on around me, I can press into Him and experience His Sweetness…even if life has been challenging in some way. It’s that closeness with Him that enables a person to handle it. You can just let your hair down and speak freely with Him…with no pretense…no need to “tone it down”/use euphemisms or even try to exaggerate to get your point across. I can’t tell Him anything He’s not already aware of…even if it’s hard to say or admit…but thankfully, He’s merciful and full of compassion…kind…not condemning…A Real Friend…Best Friend actually.
    Well, I don’t imagine you were expecting a devotion there…but I guess I just wanted to say that stuff. 🙂 How about you? Looks like you’ve been pretty busy at Docebo. I see they are here in the U.S. and abroad. Do you like it there? From reading your posts, it seems like you like working for people that really lead and draw things out of you…and it helps to feel appreciated every now and then 🙂 heh…I agree.
    How is your family now? I remember seeing your little brother when we were in college…and I knew you had other siblings…a twin in NY even. How is your Mom? Your Dad in NY? By the way, I appreciated the stuff you said about your background, what you and your family have walked through. I have more respect for you now after reading that. Well, again, it’s really great hearing from you. 🙂 It’s good to know you’re still in GA too. 🙂

  3. Well, if you happen to have some way for us to keep up with each other outside of the blog, you should send me a message on LinkedIn and let me know what it is!

  4. Miller Hey Me-Sean. Hm…Well, I don’t have a LinkedIn acct. and for the most part (not totally), I try to stay away from social media now (as far as having accts. and such goes). But I am on KCM community (which is social media but limited)…and I do still have email if you prefer that…First name underscore last name (@hotmail). Hope you’ve had a good day today. Ok, Love you, Bro.

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