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Thanks to the chain of inspiration from Amber Naslund and C.C. Chapman, I now present to you 20 truths…

Truths… I mean, that’s hefty topic honestly. I’m about to make a list of 20 things that I would live and/or die for because they are that deeply etched into me. Thinking about that for a moment, I pause briefly (mostly because TweetDeck just chirped at me).

[checks message, becomes excited, responds….]

Okay, back to these truths:

  1. You are not worth lying to myself for. If you are reading this, then I probably care about you very much and the things you think matter, but never enough to lie in order to gain your approval.
  2. Jesus is ultimately important. More than anything else, this is why I bother getting out of bed. Right behind Him is, of course, all of you wonderful people, but I have to say that this Jesus guy is top shelf.
  3. Without love, it doesn’t matter.
  4. If you don’t enjoy your job, quit or learn to enjoy it. If you hate your job, no amount of money will ever make you not hate it. If you love your job, no amount of pay is too low.
  5. You will never outgrow the need to play, if you start to feel like you are, your life should be immediately re-assessed.
  6. To have good friends, be one.
  7. If you start, then finish well.
  8. It’s not about where you’ve been, but where you are going. Don’t let your past limit you. Learn and keep moving.
  9. Understanding others isn’t hard.
  10. When people do bad things, there should always be a shock of some kind to your system. Don’t let the daily noise dull your heart. When someone is mean or does something bad, a part of you should recognize that and react.
  11. No one is above being smacked upside the head. The higher their position, the more true this is.
  12. If it is more about marketing than people – no matter what it is – we are doing it wrong.
  13. Relevant is overrated.
  14. Simplicity is also overrated, but undervalued.
  15. You should find something beautiful to look at and look at it for five minutes at least every single day.
  16. Every now and then, you should take time to do something without explaining why you did it.
  17. Once a year, you should take about to or three days to say nothing at all.
  18. That thing you dream about and think “that’s impossible…” That very thing is possible… but only for you. Now get out there and make it happen.
  19. I think there is a reason for everything that happens and especially for things I don’t like. We should be open to learn from even the crappiest of experiences.
  20. Hug people whenever possible. It means you’re close enough to be involved and compassionate enough to care.

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