What I Wish People Knew About Me

Well, in response to this post by Amber, I’m writing this small list of things I wish people knew about me. In a sense, most of this could be picked up by people reading my Twitter timeline, but maybe in the infowhelm (yes, I just made that word up), you may not have noticed.

Well, we’re just going to have to fix that, aren’t we?

Let’s do this.

  1. I like martial arts. My random posts about being a ninja are half-true. I have an orange belt in Okinawan Kenpo. I normally don’t mention that, but there you go. I love martial arts movies, anime, and just sparring in general. It’s a passion that comfortably hides itself in other things. If I could drop everything in my life and not worry about expenses, I would travel the world and learn martial arts for the rest of my life. Not just to fight, but to learn the spirit of each one. I daydream about this constantly.
  2. I’m a freerunner. It’s just too much fun vaulting over things and climbing things. I’m not as good at it as I would like, but I’m getting there and having fun along the way.
  3. I’ve journaled all my life because I don’t think most people care to know my real feelings about anything. I started at 10-11 years old in 5th grade and I’ve kept one ever since. I used to keep them in written form and when the book was full, I would give it to the person I was most connected to at the time and let them keep it. I tend to be very emotional. Intensely so. At times, expressing those emotions makes people unnerved; I cry because I miss people, I go silent for a while and just stare at someone because I love them… any deeper emotion like that.
  4. I’m an artist. I’ve made logos and real-estate magazine ads. I like making signature tags for forums and the like. I like to draw landscapes, but I suck at people. I have a series of small animals I draw that represent people in my life. So far, I have: (1) a lion in a ninja costume (me) (2) a black cat dressed as an assassin (james), (3) a white cat in a trucker hat (barry)
  5. I don’t have tattoos, but I want a few. The tattoo I want will easily be a couple of hundred dollars. I have three that I have drawn. I refuse to get a tattoo I haven’t drawn.
  6. I like to dance… a lot. They are usually very girly. No, I’m not kidding. See for yourself. It’s just too much fun not to do them. From what my roommate says, I have all the necessary inner fierceness to pull this stuff off. Yes, I want you to watch and enjoy all of that. I can do that.
  7. I have pretty awful self-esteem. You would be stupefied to see the things I obsess over. You know what’s number one on that list? Being fat. No, I’m not kidding. Ask @peacefulpollux about this when you’re tweeting. It’s crazy, but it’s all I can do not to think about. I also wonder if I’m masculine enough sometimes. If I’m smart enough to do what I do. If I’ll make it if I ever decide to cast off and jump. More often than not, I jump anyway and I find out that I fly pretty well.
  8. I’m a total geek/nerd, but… I’m very physically active and I exercise every day.
  9. I’m a fan of languages. Real or synthetic, it doesn’t matter. I’ve made up a language before and an alphabet script. I can fluidly use both of them and have been able to for years.
  10. I like storms. That said, everything I’m into doesn’t agree with storms. I’m in a technology field. Overflowing currents of water and/or electricity should be my worst nightmare, but I feel comfortable. Welcomed. Connected. It’s odd, right?
  11. I feel like I was born in the wrong time period all the time. I don’t feel the way most people feel and I’m usually seen as singular even among more unique personalities. It’s lonely at times. Sometimes, I really wish I lived in feudal japan. Land to roam, adventure with discovering so much… The world just seems bigger when you don’t have the net to explore it all for you. People seemed to have more conviction and passion then. I don’t know, the way my values are sometimes, I really think I’m from another planet… or just 1950.
  12. I don’t think my faith is or should be separated from what I do and that should be expressed. I’m not going to be rude or in-your-face about it, but I think the idea that my faith should be kept under a lid is stupid. Really, really stupid. I understand that people don’t like being told certain things, but I can’t do anything about that. For the record, I’m a Christian. I have all kinds of good things to share, so why the hell would I keep all of that goodness to myself? I could share peace, truth and joy with everyone around me and someone would say “but that’s what works for you…” like everyone doesn’t want peace, joy, and truth. WTF. No, seriously. This is something I would love to talk to people more about, but they’re so afraid of the topic especially in professional circles. I really hate that.
  13. I’ve been told I should be a model before. Maybe I should be 🙂
  14. I play piano. I identify with that instrument most and I wish I had one to play right now. It’s been two years since the last time I played and I miss it every day.
  15. I want to travel the world and talk to people about their everyday lives. I’ve always been interested in people; where they came from, where they’re going and when I can, helping them get to something they want.
  16. I love meeting new people, but I crave time alone.
  17. I am a voracious writer when I make time for it. I’m so serious. I wish you knew about this fanfic I have on my computer. It was my first one and it’s 20 pages long.
  18. My favorite moments in any relationship are unspeakable.
  19. I’m still a virgin. At the age of (currently) 29. I love that fact. I’m single, too. Valentine’s Day doesn’t make me sad. If I meet someone, then I’m sure they’ll be awesome. If not, I’m actually a closet fan of celibacy.
  20. All of my closest friends don’t live near me. They’re all over the place. Marc Towler is a good example of this. Reza lives in California. I’m in Georgia. *sigh* At least I have Pollux. <3 <3
  21. I don’t think friendship is a function of time. I think friends are, in part, people that are knit together. I’ll use my friend Pollux as an example (that’s not his name, that’s what I call him). If I had met him earlier in life, or later, it wouldn’t have mattered; I would love him just as much. It’s as if the connection we have always was. I feel that way about most people I am close friends with. Call it what you want, but there are people that you have known for years and they’re not as close to you as a person you met at a convention last month and there’s a reason for that. That’s all I’m sayin’.
  22. I have a hard time saying no if someone asks me for help. I’ve learned to, but it’s hard.
  23. I react violently if my friends are hurt.
  24. I have no problem inviting people I haven’t met to my house. Or net friends. It’s happened a couple of times and the experience was awesome.
  25. Coffee doesn’t keep me awake, I just like the taste.
  26. I love Hello Kitty. Hardcore. My fave character is Chococat. He’s so cute.
  27. I have a formspring, but no one ever writes me there. I guess people don’t like asking me questions.
  28. My greatest fear is being forgotten by the people I love most. Relationships are vital to me; without them, I have nothing.
I really should stop before you fall asleep, but if you want to know more, ask away.

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