When My Anger Visits Me

It wasn’t a planned or expected visit. Honestly, I hadn’t expected to have to make room for it until much later in the year or early the next, but here I am in my office when I get the call.

Maybe it was the 4th email, the 3rd DM, the 5th text message, but whichever it may have been there my anger was.

Glowing. Radiant. Full it its splendor.

We had a conversation; it wanted to be productive with me and so the chant began as it were. From there, I closed tickets, I wrote emails, I made plans for the evening, the week, the month. I walked home instead of taking a cab. I am in the middle of laundry and I’m already thinking of the facts and figures I am going to present for a particular meeting next week.

In sum:



When your anger visits you, I hope that, rather than dismiss it, you sit with it and have the same kind of conversation. Warm and productive. I hope you welcome it with open arms and mind rather than a closed soul.

And when your anger extends its hand, I hope you step onto the floor and dance with it.


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