why you are wearing pink on the 6th of this month…

…and every month here on.

This is one of those moments where I show you what social media is for.

A year ago today, my friend had a baby girl: Kayleigh. He loved her and his baby boy as much as a dad can love his babies. Kayleigh, for reasons I don’t know about, died shortly after she was born. As you could imagine, he was heartbroken (and that’s a light description).

Since then, in honor of her, he and his wife wear something pink on the 6th of every month and they have been doing that for the last 11 months. Today, she would have been a year old. I didn’t know about all of these things until last month (the 10th to be precise) and so I decided to make the biggest debut ever.

Not only am I wearing pink, but I am getting every person I can to wear pink for him this one day. I may never ask you to do this again formally – although you are free to do this with me every month – but for today at least, I want you to wear your pink. Accessories or clothing or a hello kitty backpack. Take a picture. Send it to me. If you are on facebook, make the photo public and send me a link.

I am going to take the photos from my non-facebook friends, upload them to facebook, and tag him in all of them. No one could be depressed when they are surrounded by that much love…

… and that is what all this social media stuff is about. Rallying the troops to do amazing things.

So troops, here’s our amazing thing. Let’s do it well. I made a video: link here.

Now you know.

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