you're bothering me

These kinds of days piss me off, because as I have said before, engagement is important and you shouldn’t be on a social network if you aren’t up for that.

That said, I am going to type up a full exchange via text message complete with pictures about why I get so pissy about these things. Let’s review. I’m the colored text.



Marquis, I’m sorry I don’t mean to be rude, but you are bothering me.

Word? Why?

It’s just that you post something on my fb everyday it seems. I don’t understand why.

Looking at your wall. I have:

  • the last movie we watched
  • audio invasion
  • you coming back to athens
  • and the recent french post (i have 8 comments there in response to questions).

That’s five things in 15 days, but if that bothers you, I’ll avoid.




Now that we have that out of the way, let’s look at the actual crime; I can’t just let an accusation like that rest without confirming it. Maybe I was wrong. Maybe I was posting a bit much. Maybe I should back off a bit. What did I notice? Five comments in the past month on this wall. Five of them. Grand total. Five. And some of those comments were, again, on the wall where I was answering questions about french. Five days in a 31 day month and what you say to me is that I’m bothering you by posting every day.

I even took the time to include the posts in question. With screenshots.


Post One

Post Two

Post Three

Post Four


Oh, and be


Could someone please explain this to me, because I don’t get it. Maybe they got their news feed (which would show that I posted everyday because I do) confused with their actual wall. Whatever the reason, I have to come back to the fact that facebook is a SOCIAL MEDIA PLATFORM!!!! What would the beef be if I actually posted on your wall everyday when the whole point of things like Facebook is to post!


I’m so irritated I can’t even form a clear thought right now. Am I crazy here for thinking that posting on a place made for posting is normal?!

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  1. Quis, I’m sorry you went through this. The main reason I deleted a large number of people from Facebook is the simple fact that no engagement was taking place. I’m not cool with people “being friends” with me on Facebook for the sole purpose of trolling on my page or passively watching my life, rather than taking part in it. What a pity that someone has a problem with you actually taking part in his/her life via a social network. You have much to share; don’t let this shut you down. You say the things many of us only think and wish we could say. 抱擁.

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