A decade ago, I entered the world of e-learning. In the early days, I wrote the way I spoke: eloquent, yet informal. After years of writing in this manner, I was informed that I would have to change. The corporate world had no place for informal writing. We were speaking to C-levels and vice presidents… Read more Professionalism

Systems Thinking

Last week, I experienced euphoria – legit, an entire high – reading a lesson in the Shift Nudge by Matt Smith course about how to organize project folders. A mainstay in my writing about my work is not ever being really certain on what I should do or do next. Trying to use Trello as… Read more Systems Thinking

Google This First

It’s been about six years now since this entry and I feel like I’ve not taken a single step anywhere but deeper into how much of a problem this is. For example, this entry on Charleston. Not one step. For all of the bodies we leave behind, we haven’t gotten past hashtags, black squares on… Read more Google This First