Investment Divestment

I bought an end table and rearranged the living room a little bit. I also bought a real Christmas tree. I have lived in my apartment for 9 years and buying this tree feels like the closest I’ve ever been to laying down roots here.

A Seed, A Flower

This week has been an interesting one in terms of things coming back home to find me. In one case, it was questions about streaming and helping me grow in that respect. In another, some of the guys at work asked me to guide them through their first D&D campaign. If you do the work… Read more A Seed, A Flower

Helping Hands

Sometimes your sweat and tears become what makes someone else fertile. When that happens, I hope you remember what it was like to think you’d always be grounded. Sometimes, you’re dry ground waiting for rain. When that happens, I want you to know, the clouds are waiting for your permission.    

Fired Up

This week, I got pulled into a meeting with my supervisor that started with a stack of sheets. I expected something to the tune of “this is what these sheets mean” and then the normal discussion, action plan, etc. What I got was so much more than I bargained for. Instead of giving me the… Read more Fired Up