Over the years, I’ve carried a secret mission to find a mentor of some kind. This has proven very difficult in a time where the most common answer to a question is, “you could probably google that”.

The thing is, even though answers are a lot more accessible than they have ever been, there is still something to be said and a spot to be filled by those who have come before us and accomplished things whether great or small. That space is in relationships and the transfer of wisdom, because while we sure do know a lot, we have an awfully short memory.

More than that, there is something comforting about having an anchor and point of reference. To be around a community of adults – and especially a few that pour a bit of themselves into your personal development – speaks a few very important messages:

  1. You’re not alone in trying to figure out this adult thing.
  2. Your failures are part of a common experience and they aren’t fatal.
  3. You’re an adult in your own right and welcome to the community of adults as such.

It’s not like we need replacement parents, but the additional perspective and potential models for how to be are powerful things.

May our eyes be open and discerning for places we can offer something a bit more personal and sacrificial than the proper google search terms to the people around us and especially to those that will follow behind whatever we leave here.

Let us consider the concept of legacy and mentorship as essential, important, and crucial.

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