For The Sensitive Ones

Woman consoling friend

Hey there, sensitive one:

If you’re reading this, you’ve walked into work a bit heavier in heart than you’d like to be to day while trying to find a way to conceal a myriad of emotions and questions and get through today without someone asking you what’s wrong.

I’m right there with you and I understand. I really do. A year ago, I was in a rough spot myself and, unable to conceal my emotions, ended up on the receiving end of a stern talking to.

It’s just rough going when you’re trying to figure out this whole thing about balancing what you’re doing with who you are.

The good news is: I made it out of this just fine. I think you will, too. Just remember a few things and I think you’ll be fine:

  1. The best revenge is excellence. When you can’t do anything else, do your best. You’d be surprised how much brighter you shine in the dark.
  2. You have a tribe, but you’ll need to find it. You are at a place of business and, in spite of our fondest wishes, not everyone there is a friend. However, someone there is. Maybe several someones. Find those precious one or two and nurture those relationships. You’re not going to make it through these 8-hour cycles very long if you don’t give yourself a place to vent.
  3. Everything turns. Not always at the speed we’d like, that’s for sure, but everything turns. When it does, enjoy the moment and try to let go of what came before.
  4. There is nothing wrong with you. Your sensitivity is a part of what you contribute to your team. It is an asset and not a liability, even if it can be hard to manage. We need you to be the sensitive person that you are and open our eyes to things we may not otherwise see. For the sake of all of us, keep being you.

One day these bleeding hearts of our will change the world. Stay gold until then.

I believe in you.

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