The Qu’Ran on Fire

Apparently, thanks to national backlash on every social media imaginable, the burning of the Qu’Ran didn’t happen. I, for one, am glad, but you should see how this trends on so many things. Most of the people I follow on things like Twitter and Facebook are very much against the idea and for that, I am thankful. My question to start with is: how did we even get to this point?

I’m a native of New York – born and raised there. I know what it was like to have those towers there. I know how people were devastated when they were taken down by planes crashed into them. It hurt and it hurt a lot of people and I get that, but how does burning a book undo any of that? If not for that reason, what would the point be at all? On top of it all, this is labeled as some sort of Christian thing. I’m a Christian. I don’t see how this is congruent to anything a typical Christian is supposed to believe. If anything, this is more like the Westboro Baptist Church or the crusades.

This is one of the more powerful uses of social media I have seen. Others include the BP oil spill, but that is another topic for another time. In the middle of seeing social media used to vent, whine and moan about everything under the sun — some of which I am a prime suspect — it is good to see it being used for something good like ending stupidity even in a small way. This was a good day for social media everywhere and I think you should know that.

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