Welcoming Window

We were dancing on Wednesday as we always do when my partner chuckles and points two a nearby window. We had an audience of three; this woman and two children were watching our casino class.

It was a warm day, so we were dancing with the windows open. However, I couldn’t help noticing that this black woman and her children were there watching on the day that myself and two other black people were also in class doing our thing and having fun.

She came inside with the two children and sat for a bit over an hour just watching. The children she brought started playing with the instructor’s child shortly after coming inside without a single concern for any kind of difference they might have between them just as the adults were dancing in class doing the same.

Eventually, the two girls started dancing with each other and trying to mimic the adults. People from our class came over and taught them little things and were welcoming to the woman who came inside.

Some days, the best of humanity likes to sneak up on me – usually unannounced – and settle in for a while to remind me it’s still out here.

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