Yesterday, driving home from salsa and a weary day at work, I spent a fair amount of time thinking about my current job position and the arc of my career.

What’s interesting in those thoughts is their texture. Not too long ago, I thought much about all of the possibilities and how I could do anything and be anywhere. These days, in both my job and personal life, I tend to focus more on the bent of my personality and talents and find channels to express and expand what is already there.

What this translates into most of the time for me in boredom at not being able to really shine.

I’ve spent a long time being competent at a lot of things, but not being brilliant at one thing and if there’s anything I want more of these days it’s a chance to be truly brilliant at one thing.

Eventually, that opportunity will find me. I’m here with open arms whenever it does, but I must admit that I’ve often prayed that that opportunity would present itself sooner than later as feeling bored and feeling hopeful feel more synonymous than I would care for them to be.

Still, life is good in an objective sense and I have a lot to be thankful for. I have a place for my more creative energies when I want to apply them and the means to pay my bills. Today, I will let that be enough.

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