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On my twitter feed, I get more than enough information — and GOOD information, by the way — about every kind of thing there is to see, do, try, experience and so on. The sad thing is: it’s useless.

I mean, it is completely and utterly useless in every sense of the word. I read line after line, paragraph after paragraph and I walk away with good information after clicking the red “x” at the top of the screen; thank you for the info, I’ll be youtubing now.

Productivity? Lost. An hour’s worth more than likely. Time I could have spent better, unless…


Unless I apply the freakin’ info!

God forbid you actually take even half the info that I’m sure people are tired of rehashing until you get it and apply it so that your business or life will change. Seriously, people.

I read some information on minimalism here a few weeks ago. It’s good information. Really good. Revolutionary. I talk about it all the time and I hear, “Wow, that sounds cool. I should do that…” and that’s as far as it goes.


All the info you need is right there on the site. Broken down for you in 21 steps that are really really really easy to follow and we spend our time wishing for the substance instead of — brace yourself — taking the info and experiencing the benefits for ourselves.

I think we would rather hear about someone’s mountaintop experience than have it for ourselves because we know the truth deep down. What truth is that? When it comes down to it, the tools to do anything — I mean ANYTHING — are as far from us as and we get stuck because we’re lazy as hell. We want benefits, but don’t want to work. We’re too used to fast food and microwaves.

Well, that’s fine. Enjoy being in situations that suck and being in awe of people that seem so far ahead of you because they simply took some steps to make things happen THAT ARE REALLY EASY TO TAKE IN THE FIRST PLACE; I did about half of the things they described in that minimalism site in 5 days. Five. It was that easy…

Information is not enough. Good information is not enough. Today is the day of doing, so apply apply apply the information you are getting and GET SOMEWHERE ALREADY.

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