Google This First

It’s been about six years now since this entry and I feel like I’ve not taken a single step anywhere but deeper into how much of a problem this is. For example, this entry on Charleston.

Not one step. For all of the bodies we leave behind, we haven’t gotten past hashtags, black squares on Instagram, and people who are determined to have academic discussions about bullets.

Every single one of the questions I get, however, are things that people could answer for themselves if they would take a moment to do so. Every single one and the means by which I know that’s true? Looking at my own writing. I can’t think of a thing about news in the current time that I can’t find some writing I’ve posted that reflects how I feel about things right now with laser accuracy.

I can’t think of things that hurt more than knowing that; people who are asking me to do the labor of explaining my many frustrations have the ability to do so or can choose to ignore me in a system that would just as soon see me dead because they don’t want to google and feel that, if I expect people to care about basic human rights, then I owe them a discussion, discourse, or debate about things that have happened long before me and – at the rate of things – long after.

For the things I’m going to talk about in this blog – especially where social issues are involved – are about those long-lived things. Stop pretending this is new and google the things I’m speaking about before you roll up in my DMs or anywhere else to demand a debate about it.