We're Learning, Too

Recently, I’ve been working on several projects, each with their own nuances. Today, I learned something interesting. It was new to me in some ways and familiar territory in others. That said, I was about to sigh on the oversight I made on one part when it occurred to me: I work for a learning company.

I think somewhere along the way, we’ve lost sight of what it means to say we work in the learning space. People that work in the learning space should, first and foremost, be learners. You would think this would have settled on us by now, but we’re so caught up in being ahead of the curve and on the cutting edge and seeming to be more knowledgeable than the next person in our market vertical or whatever that we forget that we’re still learning and we always will be. Let me say that again:

We will never outgrow learning. Ever. Especially in this space.

We will spend our entire lives, in or out of the e-learning space, learning and we need to be more than okay with that. We need to be excited about that. I’m not talking about the developers; they already like toys and gadgets. I mean the project managers and instructional designers and everyone else all the way up to the CEOs. We all need to be in love with learning whenever and however often it happens.

It’s a simple truth, but it bears repeating.

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