Category: culture

  • No Commitments

    This month will be the first of a possible two in which I will abide by the following: no new commitments. I suppose that everyone has these moments, but if you don’t, you should consider it. Step into the stream of your busyness and need to acquire, conquer, ship or whatever and just decide to stop […]

  • Enforcing Silence

    In order to do the things that matter or that are important, it is most important to do these two things: Eliminate. Be still. There’s just a lot of noise. We already know this. Lots of noise. Plenty of noise. It’s one thing or another and there’s a million names for it. What I’m suggesting […]

  • SOPA

    So it’s time for me to put my two or three cents in about SOPA. The other night, I hung out with the crew at FourAthens and during that meetup, they brought up the subject of the SOPA bill. If you are confused about what that is, that’s okay. Actually more than. Keep following to find […]

  • How to Get Awesome Customer Service Every Time

    I’m going to give you the ultimate guide in how to get awesome customer service as I rarely have a bad customer service experience. I think this may be my part of playing a minor Dungeon Master for life. Here’s the tip of a lifetime if you want to get perfect customer service every single […]

  • Occupy Wall Street

    I want to put my two cents in about the topic of Occupy Wall Street. If you don’t know what that is, read here. Where I am, in junction with that effort, they do things like this. Now there are a number of things I think about this movement. For one, I can understand people […]