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  • What If We Win

    We were getting close to crunch time with an RFP we were striving to make and as the time drew closer to the deadline, people were stressed and rushing… except me. I gently hummed k-pop tunes and continued plugging away at my particular tasks here and there. Across the table, someone worked furiously on wording […]

  • when things don't work

    I’m usually the last person to give up on anything. I hate it. I’ll try to think of a myriad of things ranging from the impossible to “f*** that” in order to move something along that I believe in or really want to do/try. At some point, we simply have to admit that a particular […]

  • apply apply apply

    On my twitter feed, I get more than enough information — and GOOD information, by the way — about every kind of thing there is to see, do, try, experience and so on. The sad thing is: it’s useless. I mean, it is completely and utterly useless in every sense of the word. I read […]

  • refreshing honesty

    First, I would like to thank Amber Naslund (@ambercadabra on twitter… follow her cuz she’s awesome) for this thought that inspires this particular post. You can read the quote here. It gets me thinking about things. Not just social media (which wasn’t her intent anyway), but about people in general. We have the idea that […]