expanded world

Lately, with all of the events in places like Egypt and Bahrain, I realize that if it were not for social media, I would have missed world changing events. I don’t own or watch a TV. I’m actually canceling my cable service if I can, but the fact is that if it had not been… Read more expanded world

refreshing honesty

First, I would like to thank Amber Naslund (@ambercadabra on twitter… follow her cuz she’s awesome) for this thought that inspires this particular post. You can read the quote here. It gets me thinking about things. Not just social media (which wasn’t her intent anyway), but about people in general. We have the idea that… Read more refreshing honesty

In Order To Connect…

…because that is the point of social media. To connect. Doing whatever it takes, saying what needs to be said, sharing what needs to be shared to connect, connect, connect. Today is going to be a trial with that. I posted this on Twitter, and I’ll post my results here. The challenge was written as… Read more In Order To Connect…

above simplicity

We’re checking everything, reading everything, trying too hard too much too often to be too relevant to everyone everywhere. Even worse, some people are so used to dysfunction and chaos, that they think simplification equals boredom and avoid it like the bubonic plague… What’s wrong with us?