Category: culture

  • Workplace Diversity in Dire Times

    I’m not interested in having us expend time and energy trying to make this a company-wide initiative, try to drag people into it who care about none of these issues, then have it fizzle out when the questions become too hard and challenge their perception of the world.

  • Freedom

    People are losing whole families behind this pandemic and, of course, disproportionately according to how poor they are, but sure… bowling alleys, I guess. Leveraging your “freedom” to force other people to work in conditions that will lead to a plague is trash.

  • Pretty Pictures + Pithy Problems

    After asking in so many ways where these no’s were coming from, I started trying to learn about UX myself; that is to say I went from, “I can see this working but I don’t know what that means” to “I could make this if I learned how. I have time. I will learn how.”

  • The Gone Bar

    Every person there was talking, dancing (to damn good music, I might add), and generally being enjoyable. There wasn’t a single unpleasant person on the premises. I bought a t-shirt and ran into a few familiar faces and made friends with new ones. I watched it all like the final fluttering heartbeats before a flatline.

  • We Made It! We… made it?

    Is this what winning looks like? Souls ground into powder and fragmented culture where people start to forget the people we needed to be to get here on an interpersonal level? I don’t mind losing if it does.