Category: culture

  • Diversity & Inclusion in the real world

    I can’t help thinking about how often it is that if you are part of a marginalized group you are constantly having to spend time and energy to teach people how to include you. How to be aware of you. How to treat you properly. Always educating and having to be on hand to educate lest you be rendered invisible or worse.

  • Design Struggles: Transitioning

    Can we just take a moment to appreciate how exhausting this side of design jobs are? By “this side” I mean having to convince people to do what they already know they need to do.

  • Realization and Release

    It’s not that I cannot save them, but rather that there was never any saving to be done to begin with. The new normal for me of late has been looking at this across many communities and having to just pack things up because… what else am I going to do?

  • Compassion in Content

    In a world where someone asks for something so small as to not have a story ruined for them – a world that is literally and figuratively on fire – would this one exercise of thinking and caring about others really dampen your experience of the show?

  • Spoiler Alert

    To be very clear: this is a rant.